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The ultimate climbing experience for your iphone / ipod touch is here!
How high can you go? A pair of mysterious platforms aiming towards the sky have appeared! Itís your mission to see how far up you can explore without falling. Above is a new type of platform game that delivers simple, addictive and fun gameplay. Itís all about timing your jumps right, thinking fast and tackling different types of obstacles, and all you need is one finger to do it all!
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  • Fun and beautiful high-detail levels
  • Unlockable secret and achievements
  • Simple controls with deep game play
  • Procedurally generated levels for infinite replay value
  • Cool dynamic particle effects



Install ABOVE wallpaper on your iPhone

Click the "Download now"-button to the left.

"Right click" (PC) or "Control click" (Mac) the image, and save on pc.

Connect your iPhone to pc.

Transfer image to Photo folder.

Find image with Photo function on iPhone.

Single tap image to bring up menu screen.

Select "Use as wallpaper". Done!

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